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Quality Language Courses and Custom Made Teaching Props
Most language courses offered by Little Cosmos® are written by our team of experienced local and expatriate teachers, tailor-made for local children based on the principles of happy learning and activity-oriented teaching. Courses for young children are designed to be activity-oriented, with a variety of activities such as music and art crafts in every lesson. To ensure consistency, all our lessons are planned in detail with specific teaching instructions. To optimize effectiveness and interest in lessons, we have also created our own course material and teaching props such as: specially designed teaching props such as vocabulary cards, matching game cards to go with large word-matching boards, lyric boards, weather, time and date boards, and many other theme-based and colourful worksheets with stickers.

Our Programmes:
Learning to be independent step by step - Pre-K classes that lay a bilingual foundation
When children reach 2 years of age, they can attend classes with a lower student to teacher ratio and learn to be independent by attending classes unaccompanied. Our centre offers Pre-K classes in English, Putonghua, English stories and Art starter classes for children aged from 2 (Rabbit Group) to 2.5 (Panda Group). The English classes are instructed by native English-speaking teachers and the Putonghua classes by teachers from Mainland China. Children pick up a language naturally when they are completely immersed in the target language, the most obvious signs being their ability to understand and follow teachers’ instructions regarding classroom protocol. Small-class teaching at this centre (with teacher-student ratios 1:6) allows teachers to better attend to individual students’ needs and provide immediate assistance. Teachers are also able to observe more closely the academic progress of the children and help improve linguistic abilities of their students. As well as this, they can attend to student hygiene more efficiently to ensure a healthy learning environment. Such which is unlikely to be achieved in large Pre-K classes in kindergartens.
Golden Learning period of ages 3-5: Enhanced results with interdisciplinary learning
Our centre provides various courses - such as English, Putonghua and visual arts courses - for kindergarten students aged 3-5. Comprehensive language courses lay the linguistic foundation for these fast-learning children.
Among our courses the most popular is the pictorial Letterland Phonics course. The Letterland course uses stories and characterizes each letter of the English alphabet and makes each alphabet uniquely memorable, helping children learn English pronunciation and making phonics really fun. Phonics helps increase reading ability as well as the spelling power of children, which helps a great deal in the future in school dictations and with English pronunciation.
Enhancing learning outcome by improving imported teaching material
Another superior characteristic of our centre is that we improve teaching materials taken from outside, which enhances learning and complements the imported materials. There are numerous educational institutions that adopt the Letterland Phonics course but the difficulties met by the children in applying phonics has to be addressed. Our centre has added split-word exercises and applied phonics exercises to help children really grasp phonics. Our exclusive split-word exercises, together with our revision and quiz sections, help with assessing children’s progress and solves the problem parents meet with their children not applying phonics well to daily usage.
Exclusively developed Putonghua course for the needs of local children
With the rapid development in the Mainland and the merging of two societies, Putonghua has become more important than ever. Little Cosmos has created a set of teaching materials tailored for Hong Kong school children. With various themes, topics related to daily usage and interdisciplinary elements like stories, conversations, poems, play, singing and  art crafts, learning interest and outcome are thus enhanced. Helping children build from words to sentences and story reading and conversation practices, children progressively learn to be confident speaking in Putonghua and therefore use it with ease in daily conversation.
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